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Hi guys, My screenname here on Gwens Cams is Nayeri. I thought I would go with a Spanish name seen as my Granny was from Madrid and I kind of have that Spanish thing going on 😉 As you can see from my photo  I like to stay fit and I love my kinky boots, in fact I love shoes full stop. I could shop for sexy shoes all day and be so happy! I’m 28 years old and I currently live and work in Bedford as a bar maid but late at night I turn in to a filthy slut where pretty much anything goes.

I have been a cam girl for 3 years and love every minute. What you can expect from my private sex chats and 1on1 cam shows is lots of nudity, but I have a sexy wardrobe, I have fishnet stockings, a full body stocking with a crotchless area for easy access to my Latina pussy, a mini corset, lycra for the fetish freaks, I also have a very sexy maid outfit with matching frilly knickers, for the naughty boys who fantasize about being arrested I have a police officer’s uniform. Though I’m 28 years old I haven’t grown since I left school and I still have my old school uniform that I fit in to perfectly and is a favourite with some of my male cam buddies. of course like any girl I have a selection of sexy shoes, boots and high heels for your pleasure!

I will do most things in a late night private cam sex show like fingering myself, sexy dancing and strip tease, I have been told I have the cutest butt on any UK cam girl site! I really love double penetration, I love butt plugs in my ass and especially love the feeling of anal beads while I masturbate, so if you like anal sex play then we can have some fun!

We can talk dirty of text or phone while we watch each other on web cam, yes I like to see what you guys are doing to yourself too you know, us girls do like to watch naughty boys wanking their cocks it’s such a turn on! I’m great at role play and for you fetish freaks I have sexy feet and give a wicked footjob.   I’m on-line til late most nights guys and I’m always up for some late night cam sex, just give me a quick message and let’s start a naughty chat!

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I love a good buffet, but this is out of this world. How am I supposed to choose between the hot redhead with the tiny tight tits and the brunette with the big natural boobs? How do you choose between a grinning black woman and a wild looking Asian? Do you go with the girl with the nice cushy ass or the one with the tiny little butt? Heck, I do just like I would at a huge buffet line, I get a little of this, a little of that, and then go back for the main part of the meal. Today I started off with an appetizer of a hot little blonde with blue eyes, small tits, and a tight little ass. She danced suggestively for me, but I kept in mind she was just my appetizer.

The next course was a delectable Asian lady. Her butt was so tiny I thought it would fit in one hand, but she knew how to use it to tease and please.The main course I chose from the buffet line was brunette with huge, massive and impressive tits. Her breasts were big but shaped perfectly. Her thighs parted to show me the real main course a steaming hot pussy. She used her fingers to drive herself to a great orgasm.the last stop was for dessert. I love a good dark chocolate and found the perfect woman in a hyper black cam girl. She was feisty, fun, and fantastically delicious. Just remember as you search for the perfect woman, sometimes it is better to enjoy a buffet than to just pick a single course.

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That bikini is probably against the law in most states. When I saw sweetkarina strutting in her new bikini I knew for certain she would never be allowed into the pool near my home. It was scandalously small, or from my vantage point perfectly naughty. How sweetkarina was managing to keep her nipples inside that tiny bikini top still puzzles me especially after I saw the size of her areola. The bikini bottoms were even smaller. They barely covered the slit of her pussy and would have never concealed the pussy hair of even the most neatly trimmed patch. The back of the bikini bottom was non-existent with only a tiny string running up through her ass.

It seemed almost insane to ask her to take them off since they did not cover anything, but I still wanted them off. It was a good decision. When the top came off I could see her nipples stiffen in the cool room. When the bottoms came off I could see the heat coming from her pussy. She was sizzling hot with excitement She started applying suntan lotion to her naked body making sure to take extra time on her breasts, nipples, and between her thighs.The rubbing of her pussy intensified quickly as she became hornier with each passing minute. The intensity of her masturbating fingers was fun to watch as she played with her pussy. That bikini must have been packed with itching powder because she did not seem able to stop rubbing her clit until she found sudden relief from a massive cum.

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sweetdestiny’s smile nearly filled the camera along with her amazing brown eyes.You could tell the smile was genuine because of the way it was reflected in her eyes, her cheeks, and her attitude. She was legitimately happy. She was sitting there in a little tiny pair of Daisy Duke jean shorts, cowboy boots, and sexy button up shirt tied up just under her breasts. She was on her knees with elbows on the bed and ass stuck high in the air. It was so damn sexy and cute. The shorts looked skin tight and I discovered they really were extremely tight.When I asked sweetdestiny to strip for me she jumped to her feet and started a seductive little striptease.

It was going great until she reached those jean shorts. They were so tight she had to struggle to break them free from her ass and cunt. When they finally slid offer her ass I noticed she had been wearing them with no panties. Her ass was stuck out in the air as she bent down to take the shorts from her feet. Her pussy was showing between her ass cheeks. Instead of standing up fully, sweetdestiny ran her hands up her legs and across her ass. They circled to the front and disappeared between her legs. I could see her fingers come sliding through between her thighs opening her pussy and playing with her clit. This little cowgirl was ready for a serious ride by her big cowboy. I was ready to try to tame this wild pony. Do you want to give this sexy lady a ride?

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I was in search of a squirter. I wanted to see a woman who would have a powerful juicy eruption when she came. When I dropped into this lovely Latina’s room and told her I wanted to see her squirt she replied, “Lick my ass and I’ll squirt for you.” Damn, I wished I was there. She laughed and said, “Don’t worry; I can play with my own ass, too.”There are not too many women I have met who seemed to get almost more excited playing with their ass than their pussy, but this was one. The fingers of one hand were busy stroking her clit, but the other hand was busy rubbing her tiny rosebud. Her dark hair fell over her face as she became lost in her approaching sexual explosion.

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You should try a new game with the cam girls you meet. Ask them “Why you?” Most of them will give you a look of confusion, but every once in a while you get one who gives you the perfect answer. The answer I received from this hot woman was perfect. She answered my question by saying, “It has been 5 hours, 13 minutes, and 12 seconds since I had my last orgasm and I need another one now.” Then she licked her lips, rubbed her panty covered pussy, and said, “I mean RIGHT NOW!” This I had to see.

Her answer must have been serious because she wanted no online foreplay. She wanted online cam2cam sex filled with action starting right now. As we started to play she asked what I wanted to see. When I replied, “I want to see you cum” she smiled grabbed a bottle of lube and two dildos. What she did to her ass and pussy with those two dildos was fantastic to watch. Her hands were in constant motion as she rode the two dildos to several big orgasms. Her hands would only stop briefly as an orgasm would crash through her body and then she would start fucking her tight pussy again. As I prepared to leave her room she glanced at my cam again and said “Hope we can do that again, that was fun.” There has never been a time she has not been just as hot. Fantastic sexual heat from a very beautiful woman.

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I was hungry for some spicy Hispanic pussy. It had to be extra spicy something which would make me erupt in flames of desire.  It did not take me long to find exactly what I wanted.The little Latin lady I discovered stood about 5 foot tall and she told me she weighed a massive 95 pounds, even though her profile claimed she weighed over 100. She was tiny, sexy, and spicy. When I asked her to dance for me I was expecting a slow seductive dance but instead received an amazingly hot Latin lap dance with her breasts, ass, and pussy flowing in front of the camera to the beat of a hot Latin dance song.Her hot spicy attitude went to scorching hot when her little white bikini disappeared. 

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pattyxxx promised to show me the goods if I was ready to play.  She was deadly serious. Those smoldering brown eyes do not even begin to tell you how hot the sexual fire burns inside of this woman. She claims her tits are average size, which might be true, but they are not average looking. pattyxxx’s tits look great, firm, with a slight upturn to the nipples and areola. She claims her ass in just average, too. She must not be comparing her ass to the other women I meet, because I think she has an outstanding ass. pattyxxx told me her legs were just average, too.Yep, she’s right.They are average legs for a fashion model.

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Do you have changing moods in girls as much as I do? Some days I like to see skinny girls with tiny tits. The next day I might want to see a woman with huge double D tits. Sometimes only a blonde seems right. Other days it has to be a brunette. Then there are those days I need an Asian, a black beautiful woman, or a smoking hot Latina. The only thing which is consistent is I like women who like to get naked and play and I have met very few women who are as hot in play as this one.She seemed so calm, collected, and peaceful at first but when the action started it changed fast. As each piece of clothing disappeared her temperature rose.

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I noticed one tiny tattoo on this hot ladies body and asked how many more she had. She smiled and told me she had one more tattoo and one more piece of jewelry I needed to see. Of course I asked where. When she said “I can’t show it here” I knew I had to see them. The other tattoo was hidden just above her pussy nestled up against her beautifully trimmed pussy hair. The sides of her pussy were cleanly shaved making it look delicious and ready for a good licking. Her other piece of jewelry stood out brightly once her panties were gone. A beautiful silver pussy ring was highlighting this hot and nasty girl’s body. My interest in her body art was quickly overshadowed by my desire to stare at her ass and breasts.

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