Randy blonde babe bends over and starts to play with her wet fanny

sweetdestiny’s smile nearly filled the camera along with her amazing brown eyes.You could tell the smile was genuine because of the way it was reflected in her eyes, her cheeks, and her attitude. She was legitimately happy. She was sitting there in a little tiny pair of Daisy Duke jean shorts, cowboy boots, and sexy button up shirt tied up just under her breasts. She was on her knees with elbows on the bed and ass stuck high in the air. It was so damn sexy and cute. The shorts looked skin tight and I discovered they really were extremely tight.When I asked sweetdestiny to strip for me she jumped to her feet and started a seductive little striptease.

It was going great until she reached those jean shorts. They were so tight she had to struggle to break them free from her ass and cunt. When they finally slid offer her ass I noticed she had been wearing them with no panties. Her ass was stuck out in the air as she bent down to take the shorts from her feet. Her pussy was showing between her ass cheeks. Instead of standing up fully, sweetdestiny ran her hands up her legs and across her ass. They circled to the front and disappeared between her legs. I could see her fingers come sliding through between her thighs opening her pussy and playing with her clit. This little cowgirl was ready for a serious ride by her big cowboy. I was ready to try to tame this wild pony. Do you want to give this sexy lady a ride?

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